review of scene in hobbat movie

Okay. So.

There’s a part in the second Hobbit movie where they all climb this big mountain staircase thing and get to the top. Upon getting there they have a key that will supposedly open a door to the Minds Of Dwarfia (or whatever) and a riddle about the sun showing the keyhole. They all cheer, really excited.

Except the sun is setting and then it sets and they don’t find the keyhole so they all start crying and GIVE UP and start to leave to walk down the mountain and go…Where? They’ve been walking for two and a half movies to try to get to the Seventh Dwarves Kingdom and then they just give up and are like “well we didn’t find this keyhole THAT WE KNOW IS HERE but we didn’t find it in ONE MINUTE so we give up.”

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So last time I was here I was talking about the current business of screenwriting, and how my attempts to self promote to circumvent the new model had backfired, and people had…varied reactions to it.

This time I thought I’d give you advice that might actually help you, without bumming you out.

I’m forever asked “how do you write so much,” “how do you make yourself sit down to write,” “what is your writing schedule,” all the basic questions screenwriters ask because they want to see how it lines up against what they’re already doing. I never really have good answers; I don’t have a writing schedule, I procrastinate as much as you do, I just write when I want to write.

But something that occurred to me yesterday, that I haven’t really seen in any study guides or “screenwriting advice” books or blogs, and I think it could actually help you.

And that is: make stuff.

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Jane LA

a short film about a girl and her art project
starring Zena Grey
directed by Max Landis

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Super Mario World

By Max Landis

Based on:

The “Mario Brothers” Franchise from Nintendo

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On Mood Disorders

The most difficult part about having a mood disorder is acknowledging that, no matter how vehemently you feel something, it could be wrong. I’ve met many people who aren’t able to recognize this aspect, and get swept in their tides, constantly sad or overjoyed or angry. It’s the annoying waiting game that tricks people; the emotions are so strong that they feel they have to act RIGHT NOW or all is lost, but the truth is, those emotions are rarely appropriate in scale, and the longer you wait, and refuse to indulge them, the more they shrink. It’s hard not to stew. It’s hard not to go around and around. It’s hard to not to blame everyone but yourself. It’s hard to see clearly.

That’s the fucker of having any form of bipolar, losing your subjectivity. Being convinced. That’s the part you have to beat.

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Mayweather: Part 1

Max pitches a unique take on a familiar property.

YG’s My Nigga but replace Nigga with Parents

I said that I’m a ride for my motherfucking parents,
Most likely I’m a die with my finger on the trigger
I’ve been grinding outside, all day with my parents
And I ain’t going in, unless I’m with my parents
My parents, my parents
My parents, my parents (My motherfucking parents!)
My parents, my parents (My parents, my parents)
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Written By Max Landis

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