3 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Life

Exercise is one of the most important parts of living a healthy life as practically every health professional will recommend that people get a specific amount of exercise each day. However, many people report not exercising as much as they would like to or as much as they should. One of the reasons for this is that many people have not had exercise as a regular part of their daily life and thus, struggle to pick up the habit. This is the basis of many New Years’ resolutions to exercise more that are abandoned within weeks. If you, however, want to incorporate exercise into your life, here are some tips: 

1. Start small: When most people decide that they want to exercise more, they make the mistake of taking on too much too soon. This includes starting out with 5 gym trips a week or working out for too long or trying out very complex or difficult exercises. The result is that they end up quitting soon after and not accomplishing their fitness goals. The best way to go about this is to start your exercises on a small scale. Instead of going to the gym five times a week, consider going twice a week in the initial stages and building off of that and attempt simpler exercises before you look into more complex ones. By taking time to adjust to your new exercise routine from the start, you are more likely to stay on track. 

2. Choose exercises that you love: Exercise, like any other resolution, is much more likely to be followed through when you actually enjoy what you are doing. Exercise is often presented back-breaking labor and a thing of dread which leads people into believing that it is not something to be enjoyed. This does not have to be so as there is a wide variety of exercises that one can engage in. These include dancing, archery, singing and so on. Look into various types of exercises and choose one that you enjoy the most. This not only means that you are less likely to quit but that you actually look forward to your workout. 

3. Create a system: Besides choosing exercises that you enjoy, it is important to fit your exercise into a comfortable place in your daily routine and create a system around it. This means designating certain times and dates for your workouts. This could be before you leave for work in the morning or in the evenings before you go to sleep. If possible you could workout with friends to ensure accountability for everyone or join online groups to keep you motivated. A good idea would be to create a rewards system for working out. For example, you could get a healthy treat as a celebration of your 10th or 25th workout. All these will make it easier and more rewarding to keep on track with your fitness goals.

While many struggle to incorporate exercise into their daily life, it does not have to be so. Follow the above steps to make the transition easier and more rewarding.