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Airbnb Tips: How to Attract More Reservations on Airbnb

Airbnb has created an avenue for income for many real estate investors and everyday homeowners alike as many have been able to turn unused spaces into a stable source of income. It has also proved beneficial for consumers who can often get cheaper stays in places that do not have a ‘hotel’ feel to them. Airbnb, like any other marketplace, is not an equal space and while some places are very high in demand and get a lot of bookings, others do not. Whether you are a newbie to Airbnb or a seasoned user who wishes to increase their booking rate on Airbnb, some of the following tips might help:

1. Post better pictures: This seems like an obvious tip but is one that many listers often overlook. While a simple picture of the space you are offering for rent will suffice, you are likely to get more bookings if you have very high-quality images of your space. Before this is done, you need to make sure that the place you wish to rent out is well-arranged and decorated. There are spaces on Airbnb that are constantly booked because they are very aesthetically-pleasing. You should keep in mind that Airbnb is an online marketplace and as such, image is important as the better the image of your listing is, the more bookings you will get on Airbnb. 

2. Verify your profile: Airbnb offers a verification system in which listers can have their personal information verified and a badge added to their profile. While a certain level of verification is not required to list your property, it will help you get more bookings. This is because most Airbnb users are safety conscious and will try to only book properties from listers they feel comfortable with. Having a certain level of verifications means that a lister is more visible to Airbnb management and thus, their property is safer to stay at compared to a lister who has more anonymity. 

3. Increase your amenities: A good business strategy to ensure customer satisfaction is to under-promise and overdeliver and Airbnb is no different. Just like with traditional hotels, users are often drawn to properties that offer extra amenities such as hair dryers, wifi, free breakfast, televisions, snacks and so on. Believe it or not, these small add-ons could be the difference between a customer choosing one listing over another. Put as many amenities as possible in your Airbnb listing to get more bookings. 

4. Encourage guests to leave reviews: Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, particularly online. To drive more traffic to your Airbnb listing, encourage guests to leave reviews of your property and if possible, pictures from their time there. The higher your rating climbs on Airbnb, the more often your listing will be shown to guests and the more bookings you will receive overall. If you’re lucky, you might even find some regular customers who choose your property as their go-to. 

While Airbnb can be a competitive marketplace, you can take the above steps to make sure your listing stands out.