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Home Design & Organization: How to Avoid Overusing Home Decor

Decor is one of the biggest aspects of home design and includes everything from shelf ornaments to wall decor. This is because the decor of a room dictates its mood and helps to tie it together. We’ve all, however, been in rooms that had too much decor, to the point that it causes an overload of the senses. Too much decor in the room is not only distracting to the eye but can come off as tacky and offputting. While planning your home decor, consider some of the following tips to avoid the overuse of decor. 

1. Map out a mood board: One of the biggest reasons why people overuse decor is because they have no concrete vision for their space. As a result, they end up buying more decorations than they need and also buy decorations that are of different themes and color schemes. This leads to overdecorated spaces with no definite theme that is an eyesore. To avoid this, create a mood board of what you want your space to look like before you embark on your decorating journey. Fell free to include pictures of already-existing spaces that you want yours to look like. This will guide your color scheme and your decor buying and keep you on track. If you are particularly impressed with some of the content you find, you can buy the exact decor and recreate it in your own home. Make sure you follow your mood board to the best of your ability 

2. Put a cap on decor pieces: Even when you have a theme and color scheme in mind, there is still the possibility of buying too many pieces and thus overdecorating. One way to work around this is to put a cap on the number of pieces you buy altogether. You could go a step further and restrict pieces by space. If you are decorating a set of shelves, for example, you may decide that only three individual items are allowed on each shelf and this will allow each piece to shine and will avoid clutter. 

3. Purge old decor: One of the hardest parts of decorating is letting go of older decorations. Many times, homeowners try to hold on to their old decor scheme and merge it with the new. Understandably, some of the decor pieces might have sentimental value but it will be impossible to implement a new decoration scheme if old pieces are competing for attention with newer ones. Before you go out and buy any new decor, evaluate your existing and ones and decide on which ones you will give away or sell. A few key pieces you wish to keep should be stored away if they do not fit into your new design scheme or repurposed if they do. Either way, the old should make way for the new.

Overdecorating is one of the worst things you can do for your home as it is aesthetically displeasing and defeats the purpose of decorating. Follow the above tips to avoid the overuse of decor.