What to Look for In the Best Fireplace Screens
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What to Look for In the Best Fireplace Screens

When it comes to buying the best fireplace screens it is first essential that you have a good idea of what exactly it is you are looking for. So many people believe this to be a decision which is purely based on function but this in fact is not always the case. In recent years we have seen some truly breathtaking designs when it comes to fireplace screens and that is why there is far more to consider than just how much it helps.

At the heart of the fireplace screen there is function of course, after all the idea is that you have a screen in front of your fire which is designed to block any dirt, dust and debris from spewing out of the fire into the room. This should be the main thing that you focus on but beyond that there is much more to look for in a high quality fireplace screen.


This is not an item which you want to have to buy again and again and this is why you should be looking to ensure that you focus on a high quality material which is going to stand the test of time. Another point to make when it comes to which materials you should be looking for is to make sure that you get a material which can be cleaned down easily. Over time these screens really do see a lot of dirt attached to them and if they are not easy to clean then you are going to find that the dirt stays for a long time, giving a really bad look for your screen.

Weight of the Screen

Given the fact that we don’t use our fireplaces all of the time, we have to understand that we are not going to have the screen in a fixed place. With this in mind it is important that you consider the weight of the screen that you are buying, because this is something that you are going to be moving from one side to another quite often. This is not the be all and end all of course, but it is something that you should bear in mind.

Level of Art

There are some truly stunning designs out there which you can consider, and this is why you have to be careful when you are buying this kind of screen. Unfortunately a lot of the designs place aesthetics over function and the result can be that it doesn’t do its job well or it actually blocks the light from certain angles. Another important factor to bear in mind here is whether or not the piece actually looks good in relation to the rest of the room. Remember just how large this piece is which you are putting in your room, that is exactly why the style and the design have to fit in well.

These are the key considerations to make when you are buying a fireplace screen.