The Best Cities in Georgia to Live In
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The Best Cities in Georgia to Live In

Georgia is a great state to live in, with beautiful wildlife, incredible cities, a low cost of living, and an active job market unlike any other.  This is the place to move to if you’re ready for a fresh start in life, but how do you pick which city to move to?

These are some of the best cities in Georgia, and why they’re stunning everyone!


Decatur is one of the least talked about but most beloved cities in Georgia.  Outside of Atlanta, Decatur has just under 25,000 people that call it home.  Offering a mix of urban and suburban vibes while still keeping people safe and entertained, there’s a lot to love here.

Decatur has countless bars, restaurants, and shops, while still offering incredible parks and open greenery.  This is an expensive place to live for most, with the cost of living 48% higher than the national average, but it’s airports guide worth it! 


Although Atlanta houses for sale are some of the most expensive on this list, it’s an incredible city for anyone to live in.  Atlanta is a cultural hub with endless opportunities and wonderful people and culture.

The locals here are genuinely friendly compared to other major cities, and the younger crowd means you’ll be able to have as much fun and excitement as you can get.  The food here is the best in the state.  It’s hard to avoid adoring Atlanta.


Savannah is an arts and culture center of Georgia, home to multiple art schools and incredible views.  The deep history of this area is visible around every corner, and it’s even where the founder of the Girl Scouts grew up and started the organization.

A lot of people love living here because of the incredible architecture, coupled with the fantastic trees and plant life that seems to sweep down low over the streets.  If you’ve never been here before, consider it!  You’ll love the visit.


Albany is an affordable and incredible place to start a life.  The average cost of living is half as much as the national average, and this city also offers lower grocery and transport costs.  Although there are far more renters than homeowners, rent is still generally affordable, at $250 lower than the national average.  This is a dream come true for so many.

Why Georgia?

Georgia is a state that has a lot to offer!  From the open sea to gorgeous mountains, incredible architecture, beautiful waters, and fantastic people.  You’ll love every flavor, sound, and sight you get here.  The southern charm permeates every corner of the state, and there’s so much affordable housing that you won’t have to stress about finding your perfect home.  With the only real fallbacks being muggy summers and mosquitoes, there’s not much to avoid here!  

This State is a Southern Dream Come True

Whether you’re from the south and want somewhere new, or you’re from another state and would love to start with the best, consider one of these cities!  You’ll fall in love in no time.